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May 05, 2007  
had the Kevin Miseyko party out today bass 1 bass 40lbs 2 over30 4 over 25

May 02, 2007  
had charlie neisner mike nodoba sr and jr, bass to 30lbs

April 30, 2007  
had Tom Urynowitz and son chunked bass to 22lbs

April 21, 2007   Black family 50th birthday
Today i had out jim black for his 50 th birthday,with jim was james jr and son chris .We started our day looking for bass but the fish were picky ,so we dropped a pole for flounder and had a good pick all day,wound up the day with 40 flounder and 25 short bass.

April 14, 2007   BASS CRUSH
Today i had my neighbor out to clam some bass and the action was red hot. The bite was non stop for the whole swing of the tide, we wound up the day with 50 short bass and 8 keepers to 22lbs

April 10, 2007   MIXED BAG

April 09, 2007   bass
had vic orlando,buddylee liveline bass to 26lbs

March 31, 2007   FLOUNDER FISHING
Today we had Mike Nodoba sr and jr,Chris Black ,Mike Ricardi had 30 flounder to 3 lbs

March 30, 2007   Flounder
We are sailing today on a crew trip,with a few local celeb's

March 01, 2007  
The world cat is in and we are now fishing for flounder. Most of our weekend bass trips are already booked. We are taking resv for select weeks.

February 01, 2007   Florida grouper 07
Here are some pics from florida on OUT ON LIMB yellowfin

July 10, 2006  
Today we had out Lou Dimaglieo and friends.We fished rough bottom and had a mix of sea bass and fluke to 7lbs

June 20, 2006   JUNE FLUKE
Tuesday I had the group of guys from Shamong Transmission. We fluked the edge of the channel in the back for anice pick of flatties to 4 lbs, we ended the day with 12 keepers.

June 17, 2006   JUNE FLUKE
Saturday we had our first fluke trip of the season with Charlie Vena and his daughter Chelsea. We used strip bait to work the back channels to catch 11 keeper fluke.

June 15, 2006   June bass
Thurs afternoon we had Rich Lunemann and `Mike N From West berlin N.J. WE fished the back bay for some leftover bass and had 3 bass to 25 lbs and mix of blues.

June 09, 2006   Cape May sharking
The OUT ON ALIMB FISHING TEAM fished the Super Bowl of shark fishing in CapeMAY from thurs to sun .The team ended the weekend with 9 blue sharks and 3 makos to 68 inches.

June 03, 2006   june bass
Saturday our group of anglers were Chris Black ,James Black jr,Kenny (bird man).The group fished the HI-MAR stpiper tournement.We had over 35 bass to 26lbs to finish 5th place out of 90 boats.

June 02, 2006   June bass 06
Thursday i had the Charlie Niesner party. We fished north of bouy 18,we had 35 bass to 24lbs.

May 27, 2006   Bass 06
Saturday we had the Kevin Muskio party from P.A. Kevins 9 yr old brother had the hot hand along with his wife katie, with bass up to 24lbs.

May 24, 2006   Mako Mania
Saturday the OUT ON A LIMB FISHING TEAM fished Mako Mania AND mAKO fEVER. The team only fished one day and had a 8ft blue shark and 2 makos .

May 23, 2006   BASS 06
Tuesday morning we had Jeff Sanford family,The conditions were good so we anchored north of hoffman island,before we had all the lines in we had fish on. The bite staid good untill the tide got to strong.We ended the day with bass up to 25 lbs.

May 19, 2006   BASS 06
Friday evening we had the Craig Morganstien patry for there first (Staff and gaff).Started drifting north side of bay for aslow pick, until the wind driven rain drove us to anchor.The group ended with 4 keeper bass to 19lbs.

May 17, 2006   may bass 06
Wensday ,started netting bunker in back of bay . The first pull brought up a 25# bass,so after getting our bunker we fished there .On our trip we had Bluefish Ted ,peter,george.The action was hot heavy for 2hrs,fish to 23lbs.

May 16, 2006   may 15 evening
Monday nights trip had Tim Murphy,Matt Moore ,George Robinson,Lenny Zukaznsky,Don Eckle. The group of friends all work together at Conoco Philips. The trip started out slow and we had to pick threw blufish all night. But threw it all we managed to pick up 6 keepers to 22lbs.

May 16, 2006   may 16 bass
Tuesday mornings trip brought ouy nite mates on Captain John and some of there friends. JOHN,PORKY,GERRY,MARTY,JAMES,FEDRICO. The trip saw slow action at first we anchored multiple times,picking one here two there.In the last hour of the trip the group difted and had 3to4 bass on at a time,pilling up 14 fish limit ond releasing 15 more.

May 15, 2006   may 15 2006
Mondays trip brought out Charlie Neisner party,Blackwater NJ. Charlie was joined by some capatains from cape may.The day started off with 20 mile an hour winds,making netting bunker diffacult.Luckly I had experinced boat handlers on board and we scored big on the bunker. We headed to the north east side of the bay. We anchored on some great marks which started out as bluefish and quickly turned to 3 bass at a time up to 32lbs.

May 13, 2006   bass 06
Today we had out the Kevin Musiko party,Reading Pa. We were anchored north of the reach,We started picking bass until crowds started. I made a move east were there was less boat traffic. The move payed off with a 10 fish limit to 26 lbs.

May 11, 2006   bass 06
Thursday night we had mike romano party.The conditions were rough but the die hards wanted to go.We started on the north west side of the bay we had wind with the tide for four hours.I stopped the boat on some good marks we had,it started with bluefish,but quickly moved to bass mixing in for 9 bass caught and 1 jumbo weakfish which was weighted on the water at 16 lbs 39". Joe bianco ,South brunswick landed this large breader and released it after afew good photos (CHECK GALLERY)

May 08, 2006   BASS CHUNKING 06
Mondays trip had Richard Rossman on board for his 80th birthday.Richard was joined by his brother ken and son in law Tim Murphy. We strugled to get fresh bait but when we got our bait and set up it didn't take but a few minutes before the action started. We had an 8 fish limit to 29lbs all fish were over 20lbs. Richard and ken were great anglers for there first time bass fishing.

May 06, 2006   Chunking Bass
We had the Charlie Neisner Party. We fished deeper water and had bass on three at a time for the most part of the day. We had the limit within one hour, and we were catching and releasing fish upto 28lbs for the remainder of the trip.

May 05, 2006   Bass chunking
Friday am trip had Lou Dameglio party from plainsboro. The trip started out with monster blues and ended with monster blues, we couldnt get away from them.
Friday afternoon trip went much better, We had bluefish ted and jerry trying to catch a bass after 2 years of the jinx.Along with them were
night mates on Capatain John ,Porky and John.
We started the night anchored but quickly switched to drifting to avoid blue demons. On the drift we picked at least one bass on every drift
getting rid of teddy's bluefish jinx, bass were 17 19 20 lbs

May 03, 2006   Bass chunking
Wensday morning trip had porky and pudge on board bunker were easy to net,was fishing by 630
by 800 had limit to 27lbs.
Wensday pm trip had Keely lake lodge sk Canada.
had good pull of bass 20 24 27 31 lbs which was
caught by Sue Feret .The tide switched to wind
against tide and it was all over.

April 29, 2006   Bass chunking
Today we had the John Gendlek party. It was easy to net bunker today, but it took a few hours to get the fish biting. But when they started it was a constant bite. Fish upto 27lbs, smallest round 17 pounds.

April 28, 2006   bass on bunker
Today we were finally able to net bunker
We fished north side of bay had bass to 25 lbs
only 10 fish caught two anglers.

April 27, 2006   clamming bass
Today i had chris and james black on mid day
clamming trip we had 15 bass to 22lbs.

April 24, 2006   clamming bass
Todays trip was with alonzo jones from willimngboro clammed bass to 18 lbs had 28 fish up to 18 lbs

April 15, 2006   clamming bass
Today we had the Kevin Misuiko party.We started out in heavy fog ,so we anchored in back of bay
had 35 bass total only one keeper.

April 11, 2006   clamming bass
todays trip with center street builders yielded
only 27 bass 1 keeper.

April 09, 2006   claming bass
Todays trip with james black nw of bouy 1
we marked alot of fish set up ,started to chum
had fish on all morning only two keepers.


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